A to Z Challenge 2017

Divya Discovers a nearby Drawing Class

Drawing had always been Divya’s passion. From doodling something or the other during her spare time to sketching simple portraits, she always took out some time for pursuing her passion. She always wanted to learn more but she couldn’t afford joining a class. Not because she wasn’t interested, but because she wasn’t from a well-off family. Sending her to school was itself a struggle for her parents. “When you study well and get a job, you can pursue your dream” her mom had always told her.

Divya was ecstatic because finally it was the time. She had found herself a good job and after sending home a part of her salary, she still had some left, which was enough for her to join the Drawing class. But Delhi was a big city and Divya had just moved in for the job. She had asked around in her neighborhood; most of them didn’t know and one who knew, suggested a class which was far away from her home. It wasn’t possible for her to join it as her work hours weren’t flexible.

That night, Divya saw a friend’s tweet about some Smiled App. Her friend had found a nearby restaurant which served awesome Punjabi food with the help of Smiled. Hoping it would help her too, Divya downloaded Smiled App and searched for drawing classes. Sure enough, the App listed out different drawing classes in her vicinity. It also had users’ review about how those classes were. Divya shortlisted the ones she liked and contacted the users who had posted about them through the Private Chat option in Smiled App. The users were really helpful in answering her queries. It was like a cherry on top of the cake to speak with like minded people and get their opinion. After discussing with her new-found friends, Divya decided which class she would join. She couldn’t contain her happiness, now that her dream of learning from a professional was finally coming true.


Few weeks later, Divya posted her first Painting on Smiled, with a review of her class for helping someone else like her.

Have you used Smiled? If yes, share your views with us in the comments below. If not, what are you waiting for? 

Download Links:

Android – Smiled for Android

iOS – Smiled for iOS

Learn more about Smiled App on our Official Website – Smiled.com

Until next time, use ‘Smiled’ and Keep Smiling 🙂

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