Bina Finds a Book Buddy in Canada

          Bina sat on the couch turning the pages of the novel. She had read it a few times before and had lost interest in it. But having nothing else to do, she chose to re-read it again. It had been two months since she moved to Canada with Alex. Soon after their marriage, they had shifted to this new place. It was all fine in the beginning – new place, new people and the frequent visits from the relatives; they all kept Bina busy. But as time passed and the visits stopped, Bina started feeling lonely when Alex went to office. She wished to get out of the house and explore the place but was afraid of venturing out on her own.

          Alex installed ‘Smiled’ on Bina’s mobile when she shared her problem. “Use this app and you will definitely find something or the other that you like” he said before leaving for work. Not having any other option, Bina opened the app hoping for the best. There were many Moments in the home feed which were shared near to her location. As she scrolled down seeing different Moments which had brought Smiles to different people, one picture caught her interest. Someone called Elena had posted a selfie. But what caught her interest was the caption. “Happiness is having a library near your house” it read. The library immediately piqued her interest and the location said it was in the vicinity. If only she could get there, she wouldn’t have to worry about spending her time alone.

          Bina marked the location and made her way to the library. It wasn’t as difficult as she though as the Google Map guided her easily to the place. Her happiness knew no bounds. ‘Now I really don’t have to worry’ she smiled as she walked in. Browsing through the different sections, she found Elena sitting in a corner, reading Bina’s favorite book. “That’s one of my favorite books” she said as she approached Elena. Elena was a little puzzled but Bina soon explained how she found the bookstore through the Moment Elena had shared on ‘Smiled’. “It is always a pleasure to meet someone who loves books” Elena said and smiled.

          The two bookworms spent the next couple of hours discussing about their favorite books, authors and quoting some of the lines they loved. They parted promising to meet often, both carrying a book the other had suggested.

          “Finding like minded people in an unknown place is fun” read Bina’s Moment on ‘Smiled’ as she began reading the new book.

Have you used Smiled? If yes, share your views with us in the comments below. If not, what are you waiting for? 

Download Links:

Android – Smiled for Android

iOS – Smiled for iOS

Learn more about Smiled App on our Official Website – Smiled.com

Until next time, use ‘Smiled’ and Keep Smiling 🙂

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