Aiding Travels, Simplifying Lives

Stephen was a businessman. His work required a lot of traveling and hence he was always on the move. It wasn’t traveling that he detested but the unfamiliarity that made him feel lost most of the times.

When he was assigned a project in India, Stephen was ecstatic because he always wanted to travel to that country. “Use Smiled during your travel” a colleague had suggested him. “It will be like your own personal guide”, he had added.

Upon arrival, Stephen found that his colleague was right. He used Smiled right from the moment he landed. It was easy to find nearby places, decide what is best based on user Moments, find his way to the location and enjoy his stay. Smiled not only helped him find hotels, it also showed him many places of attractions which were near to him. Traveling wasn’t going to be difficult anymore. Smiled had simplified his life.


Have you used Smiled? If yes, share your views with us in the comments below. If not, what are you waiting for? 

Download Links:

Android – Smiled for Android

iOS – Smiled for iOS

Learn more about Smiled App on our Official Website – Smiled.com

Until next time, use ‘Smiled’ and Keep Smiling 🙂

Team Smiled  screenshot-8


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