Atharv finds a Coffee-mate while waiting at the Airport

         Atharv smiled as he caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. The hair stylist was right; this haircut did suit him. It made him look more boyish. It was while admiring his reflection in the shop’s mirror at the airport, that he first saw her. She was at the other end of the corridor, riding the escalator. She was beautiful! And she was looking at him!! Smiling too!!! Atharv turned around to see her but she had her head down already, searching something in her bag. Had he imagined it or did he really see her smiling at him when he was checking out his reflection? He wasn’t sure.

         Atharv hurried, not wanting to be late for the flight, only to find out his flight was delayed by an hour. Having ample time at hand, he decided to have some fun. ‘Selfie first’ he thought as he opened ʻSmiled Appʼ. Once he posted the moment on ʻSmiled App’, he sat watching people around him. There were some departing from loved ones and some meeting their beloved. ‘Airports are always full of action’ Atharv thought. His mobile beeped. ‘Angela smiled at your moment’ read the notification. He was excited when he saw the picture of Angela. It was the same girl whom he had seen in the reflection; the girl who had smiled at him.

        ‘Hi Angela.. I think I saw you around here few minutes ago’ Crossing his fingers, Atharv hit send. ‘Yes Yes! Weren’t you the one who was standing by the shop and admiring his profile’ came the reply before he could fret too much. ‘Well.. You have time for a coffee?’ Atharv asked hoping she did. ‘I still have an hour for my flight. So coffee is not a bad idea’ Angela replied.

          So the new friends met in the coffee shop. “I am sure I saw you smiling at me back there” Atharv said as they ordered their coffees. The conversation turned fun as they discovered they had similar interests. And before they knew, it was time for their flights. “Let’s keep in touch” Atharv said as he posted their selfie on ‘Smiled’. Few minutes later, his mobile beeped again. It was Angela. “The haircut does look good by the way” it read.

Have you used Smiled? If yes, share your views with us in the comments below. If not, what are you waiting for? 

Download Links:

Android – Smiled for Android

iOS – Smiled for iOS

Learn more about Smiled App on our Official Website – Smiled.com

Until next time, use ‘Smiled’ and Keep Smiling 🙂

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