Rahul discovers Spicy Punjabi food with Sweet girl Jaspreet

           It was a new day and a new beginning for Rahul. It had been a week since he moved to Bangalore but settling in hadn’t been easy. Most of the things he could manage but food? Finding some authentic Punjabi food in this city had been a challenge for him. The menus of the restaurants promised him what he wanted but when the food was served, it was totally different from the images shared on their websites. Rahul was disappointed.

           “Why donʼt you use the Smiled App?” his colleague suggested when he heard Rahul’s story.“You can see recent images uploaded by the customers as opposed to the fancy images uploaded by the restaurant owners” he said. Rahul was skeptical as once he had been to a restaurant after seeing an image uploaded by a customer but what he was served looked totally different from the image. Upon enquiring, he was told that the cook had changed since then. “No wonder. Itʼs been almost six months since that image was uploaded!” he thought as he recalled that incident. “Give it a try. It gives you only recent updates” his friend insisted. “I have already tried so many apps. No harm in trying this too” Rahul thought.

            As soon as he opened the app, he was presented with a variety of images uploaded by the foodies in his locality. He noticed one thing ‒ they were all recent images. One particular image caught his fancy. It was uploaded by some girl named Jaspreet. The food looked delicious. “If only it tasted as good” he thought. Just when he was about to close Smiled, he got a coupon from the restaurant. “Book a table for two and you will get 10% off on the bill. Coupon valid only today” it read. Now Rahul had one more reason to explore that restaurant. He hesitated for a moment before he pinged Jaspreet asking about that particular restaurant. Jaspreet was quick to respond. She assured him that the food was good and she had uploaded the image just the previous day.Being a Punjabi, she understood Rahulʼs dilemma. She told him that she visited this restaurant almost every day for lunch. This time Rahul was quick to ask if he could join her.

            Rahul smiled as he recalled the dayʼs events. The lunch had been fabulous. Not only was the food good but he had also made a new friend, all thanks to the ʻSmiled Appʼ. And all this with a discount too. He, for once, was looking forward to the next day so that he could explore new food joints again.

Have you used Smiled? If yes, share your views with us in the comments below. If not, what are you waiting for? 

Download Links:

Android – Smiled for Android

iOS – Smiled for iOS

Learn more about Smiled App on our Official Website – Smiled.com

Until next time, use ‘Smiled’ and Keep Smiling 🙂

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